Alex + Tim | Adelaide Hills

I spent the afternoon with Alex and Tim last weekend in a whimsical forest and a field full of long grass! It was such a fun and chilled out session and they totally rocked the camera! :)

Tim proposed to Alex in such a romantic way which was a huge unexpected surprise to Alex! During the Easter Long Weekend last year they went camping with friends and decided to go 4wd driving to Brown’s Beach for a BBQ lunch.  Tim was fishing in chest high waders and not having much luck so he came up to the sand dunes where everyone was sitting for lunch. Once they had finished lunch, he pulled a black box out of the chest pouch of his waders and opened it asked Alex if she would marry him. He caught her completely off guard and left her absolutely speechless. He slid the ring on her finger immediately and it fit perfectly! It was meant to be!!! :) Now they are getting married at Paxton Winery in a few months! I cannot wait to be apart of their big day.