Lidia + Adam | Engaged

Lidia and Adam caught up with me at Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens in the afternoon for their engagement session. It was so cold and foggy which made it seem abit whimsical up there in the hills. With the freezing weather I don’t know how Lidia managed in just a shirt/dress, she is so strong & tough! I was rugged up in a big jacket and still shivering. It was worth it though, she looked amazing and so did Adam. We went to the garden as it’s beautiful up there at this time of year, we were hoping there would still be some autumn leaves on the trees but they had already fallen. However, there was one small spot up high on the hill that had beautiful red/orange/yellow leaves, it looked amazing. The only tricky part was it was up a pretty steep hill, so we had to hike up there! Lidia and Adam are so much fun and adventourous they were more than happy to treck up there with me and Adam even helped me carry the camera bag, what a gentleman!! When we got up there, it was so stunning and felt just like we were surrounded by autumn leaves. They are thinking of coming back there for their wedding photos during summer, it will be so nice and look completely different at that time of year. It’s less than 5 months now until their big day, I cant wait!