Soph + Dane | Adelaide Hills Forest

I caught up with Soph and Dane on the weekend for their engagement session. It was SO much fun, so many laughs and such awesome smiles! Soph and Dane are VERY creative peeps and brought some awesome props to the shoot that they made themselves! :) I love the banner!! I can only image how amazing their wedding day is going to look.
Sopheak and Dane are having a really unique and special wedding where they will be celebrating both of their religions on the day. There will be both a Cambodian Wedding PLUS a Catholic Wedding on the same day!! I cannot wait to capture there big day.

Dane and Soph met through work and been engaged for over a year. They have THE cutest proposal story!! One night Dane asked Soph if she would like to go to Macca’s to get a iced cappuccino… Soph immediately thought…. YES! and an APPLE PIE! As they were driving along, Dane took the wrong turn and said they would get it up in the hills near Belair instead and go for walk after. Soph agreed and patiently waiting for her apple pie! ha! Dane pulled over to the side of the road and said let’s go for a quick walk now. … Soph still wanting her apple pie first wasn’t overally keen but went anyway. After walking about 100 meters in the hills they stopped with the view of the city lights and water running below…. and there he was on one knee!!!  How ROMANTIC!! At this point, I think Soph forgot about her Apple Pie from Macca’s haha!